Front of House System


32 Channel Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath GL-2400 32x4x2x1.  This board functions as a main or monitor board.  4 subgroups 6x4 matrix mixer for media production.  Each channel individually phantom powered.  Clean quasi-parametric eq on each input channel. 6 aux sends pre or post fader.

FOH Amplifiers

DRD uses QSC Powerlight PLX-3102 amplifiers for the Front of House system.  A set of three amplifiers in bi-amped mode which create 1,000 watts per channel for a total of a 6,000 watt Front of House system (2,000 watts low; 4,000 watts mid/highs).  These are not the harsh-clipping Class D amplifiers.  Plenty of headroom and soft clipping at the threshold with the clip limiters turned on.