Live Video Production


 Capability for up to six camera shoots. A camera channel can also be assigned to the output of a computer for rendering of Powerpoint or other software-based presentation systems to the video feed directly.  Final video will be rendered into .mp4 format for online and PC use, as well as DVD format for use on PC and conventional home entertainment systems. We use a variety of microphones and mic placement techniques to deliver a professional quality audio presentation on the video feed. For concerts and large public meetings we can provide a feed to a video projector for image magnification (IMAG) of the presentation. We can also provide on location electronic news gathering (ENG) on a contract basis.


Video Production Switcher


Our video production service centers around the BlackMagic Design ATEM Television Studio switcher.  The ATEM is a broadcast quality switcher with inputs for up to six cameras (4 HDMI, 2 SDI).  Video program can be recorded live to a compressed .mp4 file or a high resolution, High Definition Apple ProRes file on an external Solid State Drive (SSD).  The ATEM features transitions, fades, media players and multiple transitional effects to transition between cameras, or a live feed from a Powerpoint player, or other external video source. This is all accomplished via a software-based control panel.



SSD Recorder


We can record uncompressed High Definition video files in real time to the BlackMagic Design Hyperdeck Studio 2 dual SSD broadcast deck.



A/D Converter



Using the Behringer Ultramatch Pro SRC2496 we can convert stereo analog audio into digital formats of varying bit rates in the AES/EBU digital format for use with the ATEM video switcher noted above.  The SRC2496 also converts digital signals to stereo analog outputs.





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