Concert Speaker Systems


18" Subwoofer

Custom-built DRD 18" subwoofer cabinets are loaded with McCauley drivers.  Rated 800 watts RMS and 101 db SPL (1w/1m).  Good general purpose subwoofer for medium duty front of house systems.  Tuned for 45 Hz, these boxes are designed to produce frequencies from 30 Hz - 800 Hz.  We generally cross them over at around 150 Hz.



2x12 Mid/Hi Box

Custom built DRD boxes loaded with McCauley and Selenium 12" midranges along with Eminence tweeters. These mid/high boxes are rated at 1,200 watts RMS and 103 db SPL (1w/1m).  Average maximum SPL has been measured at around 126 db at 1m.  As a full range or mid/hi, these are good dual purposes boxes that complement our 18" subwoofers. Trapezoid shape allows for easy arrays of two or three cabinets per side.  Floor or staging mounted.







15" 3-angle monitor

Custom-built Full range 15" 2-way monitor cabinet features 30, 60 or 90 degree angles for various applications.  The 90 degree angle is set up for floor mount or tripod.  Rated at 400 watts RMS and 101 db SPL (1w/1m).  Freq. Resp.: 40 Hz - 16,000 Hz.




Behringer B112MP3

12" 2-way powered speaker cabinet.  Tripod or floor mounted.  Built-in 1,000 watt Class D amplifier (bi-amped:  700 watts lows; 300 watts highs).  Each cabinet has a built-in 2 channel mic/line mixer and MP3 card reader with USB slot.  These cabinets are very lightweight and portable and feature extremely high sound pressure level with very little current usage.  DRD can array up to three of these cabinets per side for large outdoor public events up to 1,000 people.  Subwoofers are necessary for extended low range music such as for bands or DJs.  Also these cabinets can be used horizontally as stage monitor wedges.