Outboard Gear


DRD Effects/Outboard Gear

DRD has a full complement of effects, compressor gates and eq processing.  We use Alesis 3630 compressor/gates on the drums and Behringer compressors on vocals.  Digitech DSP256 XL effects units loaded in rack.  Dual 31 band graphic eq and time delay unit also available.












SSD Recorder


We can record uncompressed High Definition video files in real time to the BlackMagic Design Hyperdeck Studio 2 dual SSD broadcast deck.



A/D Converter


Using the Behringer Ultramatch Pro SRC2496 we can convert stereo analog audio into digital formats of varying bit rates in the AES/EBU digital format for use with the ATEM video switcher noted above.  The SRC2496 also converts digital signals to stereo analog outputs.



Behringer Compresser


We have three Behringer stereo compressers. Each feature limiter, noise gate and dynamics enhancer.



CD/MP3 player


For audio playback we feature a Gemini combination CD/MP3 player which integrates into the various front of house systems we can assemble.


32x2 Microphone Splitter


Utilizing four 8 channel Behringer transformer isolated microphone splitters we can currently split up to 32 analog microphone channels between Front of House and Monitors. This particular setup can be expanded to 48 channels, when required. Analog splits for microphones are essential for analog mixing consoles but also can be used on the newer digital stage boxes when attempting to use two different protocols between FOH and Mons. or to maintain microphone preamp masters for their respective mixing consoles.


Video Production Switcher


Our video production service centers around the BlackMagic Design ATEM Television Studio switcher.  The ATEM is a broadcast quality switcher with inputs for up to six cameras (4 HDMI, 2 SDI).  Video program can be recorded live to a compressed .mp4 file or a high resolution, High Definition Apple ProRes file on an external Solid State Drive (SSD).  The ATEM features transitions, fades, media players and multiple transitional effects to transition between cameras, or a live feed from a Powerpoint player, or other external video source. This is all accomplished via a software-based control panel.